I Vaguely Recall Marrying for Love

Jane EyreThe thing about marrying for love is that you will inevitably have to exist in that world following “ever after”. The great unknown, and the place where the story continues past what some people to be the only fairy tale worthy stuff. But then again… I’m pretty sure Cinderella found out too late she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common with the Prince and (because she was raised by flaky mystical tree fairies) Sleeping Beauty made for an awkward addition to royal society.

I married for love, my own Darcy, Rochester, or for those whose tastes haven’t expanded beyond young adult novels, Cullen.

I won’t excite bore you with the awesome details, but our life is far from mundane. I think we are living the storybook narrative every week. Sometimes there are villains, magic and miniature happy endings within smaller chapters of an ongoing epic tale.

For us, it is the small eccentricities that keep us going, keep us connected. We playfully chase each other in public with whimsical Dollar Store items like water balloons or silly string. Have heated existential arguments about politics and religion. And we both believe it is completely sane to prep for the zombie apocalypse. Simply put, we figuratively frolic through the wilderness and dance in the rain.

But, we also disagree about finances and I’ll spare you the details of the verbal fisticuffs that ensues if he neglects his trash removal duties.

The world following “ever after” is amazing, but I am pretty sure even Jane suppressed the occasional urge to shank Rochester! I mean, he was a little douchey even while head over heels in love with her.

At our worst, I only vaguely recall this whole “marrying for love” thing, but at our everyday, I could not have imagined a better love interest for a heroine such as myself. (Other than Park from Eleanor and Park!!)

Love, Rosie – I Hate This Book With My Entire Effing Heart

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.11.46 AM

I started reading Love, Rosie; a book recently adapted into a film with Hunger Games Bae, Sam Caflin, as the male protagonist. It’s a love story about Rosie and Alex, kindergarten BFF’s turned untimely adult almost lovers (a million times over). It’s a depressingly drawn out narrative communicated in letters, texts, and emails.

Half-way through the book, when the characters have gone from seven to thirty and they miss yet another chance at love, I think “Hell, this crap aint even close to done!”.

I quickly Googled a spoiler filled review, only to find out that they are grandparents before they are successful in love!



My House Is Rarely Clean & I Don’t Give A Damn

On your way in, don’t gasp and don’t judge!

I have two kids and they are loud, full of life, energetic, and seemingly happy. So, when you walk through my front door sometimes (most times) it looks like a tornado touched down.

This could be a major point of stress… “What kind of mother am I, will my husband understand?”

But the truth is, I will be surprised as hell if in 20 years some high functioning, dysfunctional adult fictitious versions of my two near twin children are dragging me kicking and screaming into group therapy because their childhood home wasn’t clean enough or, because they were allowed to play too freely in the living-room.

Of my many personal faults (which I  am actively working on), chill parenting probably won’t be the one that a counterfeit “ex” version on my current husband would use as an adequate excuse for his emotional abandonment.

Though my house is rarely clean, Rhett Butler and I currently don’t give a damn… Unless I’m expecting house guests or my Mother (in law) is coming to visit!

When Mother’s Day Gifts Suck

I’ve been dreading this day. The time when the kids are old enough to choose and give me gifts. The time when I must lovingly deceive them with smiles and superfluous gratitude for random items very likely constructed in sweat shops by underpaid workers with unsustainable (and possibly toxic) raw materials!

The Wednesday night before Mother’s Day, while I was studying for a test, my family came home from church, there was some type of Mother’s Day bazaar where the kids could pick out gifts for their mothers. It was a sweet charitable event that our church was holding and my husband was helping to lead. He brought the kids to give me some much needed quiet time. (All of this I found out later.)

Terrible Mothers Day Gifts

My son and daughter burst into my bedroom radiating excitement and screamed, “HAPPY MUFTHERS DAY”, in a full and undeniably cute toddler lisp. They couldn’t wait and had to give me their gifts right away. (more…)

How Geography Shapes Our Politics and Laws

Interesting historical tidbits from yesterday’s  episode of Radio Times on NPR featuring Akil Reed Amar discussing how geography and federalism shapes our laws:

-The NRA was founded by Union officers who (in a way) lobbied for personal gun rights partly because they believed you could not count on your (often remote) local constables to protect you, especially if you were a recently freed black slave in the clan South.

-Wyoming, one of the first states to be pro-women (first to give the vote, equal pay, etc), their iniatives for women were born from the fact that: the work was so hard that you needed every able bodied adult and  there was 6 men to every woman in the 1800’s. The men were desperate to attract women to the state. It made sense to give women what they wanted of that meant it would attract them.

-The regional sub-component of partisan politics! The incredible political differences between some of the views of a California Republican vs. a Alabama Republican especially if that republican is from Northern California!

-The idea of a “Lincoln Republican” and that a large population of modern Republicans could be categorized as “Confederate Republicans”.

-The writers and early amenders of the constitution had a better grasp of grammar, commas mattered and added significant meaning to the interpretation.

-It has been many decades since a presidential candidate did not graduate from Yale or Harvard. The last president   (I think it was Nixon) that was not a Harvard or Yale graduate was accepted to Harvard but did not go for financial reasons. 

-The politics of Justices: how a Justice’s regional origins can affect their views!

Post Scriptum: Maybe I’m a historical dork but I was riveted by the conversation!

Listen to the full segment here: