How Dare you Die Lauren Bacall!

Lauren Bacall dared to climb out of the glass case of my imagaination, gracefully age, and die. How dare she die, HOW DARE SHE! If you don’t know who LB was, you like your films disgustingly modern.

Find out who she was, watch How to Marry a Millionaire five times, and then we can be fictitious interweb friends!

Soak in her classic perfection!

Lauren Becall



Long day

Mother of two toddlers

Wife to one husband

Woman who puts in WERK! (Not Work, think Beyonce in heels dancing for your fanatic following, yes WERK!)

I define myself digitally as Woman-Wife-Worker, but not always in that order.

Today… WORKER came first! This lovely Friday I spent over 13 hours in the office prepping a presentation for top executives in the midst of other projects.

These days are indeed hard, but it was necessary to avoid bringing work home and Monday morning anxiety!

I did however allow myself a 30-minute lunch meeting for my corporate Film & Book Club and an EPIC 7 PM #BLERD/#HotVillains Twitter chat! Because neither I nor Jane Eyre are automatons.