HomeMade: Angelic Ahi Tuna

This weekend we saw frozen Ahi Tuna at Wholefoods for a great price and pasta was buy one get one free at Publix Supermarkets, so BAAM we had a meal. Using our stove top wok, my husband William mixed frozen veggies with spices and fresh organic collard greens (which is a superfood). I made seasoned angel hair pasta with unsalted butter, garlic and a light miso dressing. It came out very well.

Alternatives to Cows Milk

At her 1-year well visit Piglet’s pediatrician stated that she needs to gain more weight. She had only gained 7 ounces since her last visit and all of that gain went to her height. She said that her fruit veggie consumption would not be adequate; that she needed fats and proteins. Her pediatrician told me to start giving her cows milk. I’m opposed to giving her cows milk, even the organic kind (which we consume) becauseĀ  I’ve read terrible things about the consumption of milk:

Lactose is a sugar meant for babies, but it’s generally harmful to adults. The proteins in cow’s milk are different from human milk proteins and cause problems of digestion, intolerance, impaired absorption of other nutrients, and autoimmune reactions. Few of the proteins meant for baby cows are found naturally in human mother’s milk, and none are found in any natural adult human food. Even the high protein content in cow’s milk creates problems. Human babies need the saturated fats and cholesterol in mother’s milk. Bovine milk fat is not appropriately composed for human babies and is only deleterious to the health of children and adults. Cow hormones are not meant for humans, and older children and adults are not meant to consume hormones. And, cows have been selectively bred over time to create high levels of these hormonesā€”those being the cows that grow the fastest and produce the greatest amount of milk. Cows also concentrate pesticides and pollutants into their milk fat, from their high dietary food and water requirements. The high amount of drugs now given to cows adds to this chemical soup. But we need milk to build strong bones, don’t we? Actually, heavy milk consumption leads to increased osteoporosis. Source

I’m also apposed to soy milk because I have also read that certain levels of consumption of soy in babies is the equivalent to a daily birth control pill (because of the naturally existing hormones). The pediatrician stated that almond milk did not have enough fat for what her diet needs; which after research I found to be true, my friend recommended Coconut Milk. On one of my regular trips to Wholefoods we found So Delicious Coconut Milk. We purchased both vanilla and unsweetened. It contains 5 grams of fat in a serving and 1 gram of protein which is still less than milk but I think will be adequate with a good mix of other foods higher in fat and protein. So Delicious Coconut Milk also has Medium Chain Fatty Acids which digests more easily, are the kinds of fats in breast milk, and are preferentially used by the liver as a source of fuel to produce energy.

After all this research I think I am adding Coconut Milk as a permanent milk substitute in our household. We have been using Almond Milk for a while and only utilized Coconut Milk for homemade Thai dishes but I am definitely expanding its uses in my household.

Today we substituted Coconut Milk for milk in our cream of wheat and it was so delicious, we are loving the coconut milk!

HomeMade Dinners Every Night

Today, some of my female colleagues were joking and floored about the fact that we have homemade dinners every night. They are working Moms with demanding careers and hungry husbands. My husband and I split meal time, he makes incredible stir fry’s and I am the queen of the 15-minute meal.

The key to 15-minute meals is planning. Making sure you have the ingredients waiting at home and know exactly what you are having for dinner before leaving work.

This week I took a personal day on Monday (Piglet’s Birthday and 12-month Well Visits) so I knew I would not be too tired to cook a large meal after work on Tuesday. Because my work load that day was managable and I could leave at 5:15 pm and we went grocery shopping the night before so I made the following:

Turkey meatloaf stuffed with Feta, Carrots and tons of herbs/spices

Mac and Cheese from Scratch with Broccili florets mixed in

Green Bean Casserole

The meal took an 1.5 hours to prepared but was very hearty and we all had the left overs for lunch the next day.

While I was awaiting the last ingredients in the oven, did a little prep for my meal the next day by browning some turkey mixed with onions:

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili -Wednesday morning I threw all the ingredients into the slow cooker and it was ready as soon as I walked through the door from work.

http://allrecipes.com is my best friend when it comes to meal planning.

Most days I make quick pastas, dishes with quick baking tilapia and all-in-one rice meal that usually take me 15 minutes to create! Check out my other meals here.