I Resent My Husband’s Need for Cuddle Time

I realized this week after the husband and I had the most random of random arguments at 3 AM, that I was heading down a path of selfishness and inconsideration. Earlier that evening after the husband cooked dinner, I ate my portion really late (around 12 AM) alone at the dinner table in front of the lap top. He popped his head into the dining room after putting Piglet to sleep after a night terror. There was this look of disappointment and I instantly felt guilty. I told him that I was still eating, but noted in my mind that I needed to remedy the fact that we had not cuddled or just held each other in a few days.

Later on that night, I was busted reading a scary post-apocalyptic novel about zombies in bed at 3 AM when he got up to get our toddler a drink she was screaming for. Well, his vent went from being about staying up too late reading things that will only freak me out, to not cuddling anymore and included a vent about me cancelling on our dates. I responded with defensive wrath and we got into a terrible argument that ended with me sleeping on the floor.

We made up that night after I realized a few things: