Adventures of Daddy’s Mini Me

This morning we got the kids bathed and dressed one after the other for church. In one moment of preoccupation our son jumped into his sister’s old bath water fully dressed. He then fought his father tooth and nail while getting re-dressed.

Dressing a Toddler

His sister all the while, remained extremely bored with his shenanigans.2012-12-301



















Love her gold boots…

I Don’t Really Have Time For This


I Don’t Really Have Time For This so here is the quick and dirty:

  • Fat baby boy is eating smashed and strained organic fruits and veggies
  • Jr is army crawling and wants to walk not crawl
  • Daughter likes to eat ham (thanks grandma…) and I am devastated
  • Work is going well
  • Pumping is going just okay
  • Cooking during the work week is going great
  • Going to the gym because my pooch is the biggest it has ever been
  • I am developing an obsession with fashion which I have to beat down with a stick