Welcome Baby Number 2!

This past Monday, we added a new addition to our family! I had another successful natural childbirth experience. The same midwife that delivered Piglet delivered our son! You forget how intense childbirth is, but it is indeed all worth it!

I had been about 4 centimeters dilated for about two weeks prior to Monday. I woke up on Monday around 5 am with that familiar light cramping action going on in my uterus and knew that it might be the beginning. Monday was his due date and babies hardly ever come on their due date! I went to the living room and just laid and rested until my husband and sister were awake.

Around 7 am I was pretty certain I was in first stage labor. My husband made me breakfast, I let my sister know she was on tyrannical toddler watch and I started looking for something cute to wear after we let the midwives know about my condition.

My midwife was on high alert because this is our second and wanted us to come into the office, subsequent labors come quicker than firsts. But I could still walk and talk through contractions so I was not worried. I spent my morning doing random tasks while in labor. When we finally rolled into the OBGYN’s office around 12 noon, I was 6 centimeters dilated and our midwife wanted me to meet her at the hospital immediately. I wanted to go to Wholefoods, then home and then drive back to the hospital when labor was unbearable. She highly recommended we did not and did not even want to allow a stop by Wholefoods for some green smoothie.

I grabbed my smoothie anyway and was checked into the hospital a little before 1 pm, which was too early for my liking. My water broke in the hospital shower, where I was laboring with my husband around 2 pm but did not speed up labor as my midwife thought it would. Everyone played the waiting game while I crawled, screamed, squatted, and panted through every inch of that huge delivery room.

Finally after the most irregular contractions the baby was born a little before 4 pm, I only had a 1st degree tear with a few stitches and he was much larger than Piglet. The pain was intense and I was the only vaginal births that day in a sea of planned C-sections. But it was so worth it. To immediately touch and feed my baby and be able to get up an shower after. There are so many benefits to natural childbirth.

  • http://sgelin.blogspot.com nadia

    Congrats! I am so happy for you, baby boy looks amazing and he is such a blessing. I am glad to know everything went well for you and baby. God Bless!

  • http://www.windycitymama.com Mama Violet


  • http://mommymakingmogul.tumblr.com Laura

    aww that gave me chills! Congrats miss lady!

  • Rosesdaughter

    Congrats!!!!! He’s beautiful!!!

  • Janay

    So happy for you and your family. I never childbirth but you have opened my eyes a little more to when I start my family.

    Congrats, again!

  • http://thishungryhippo.blogspot.com Chi Chi

    Agreed! Both of my babes were all-natural and although I don’t knock anyone for doing what they do, I am so happy I delivered naturally. No need to worry about complications due to drug use, etc. Congratulations to you and your family and may God continue to bless you!

  • Empress

    Awww! Congrats on the new addition and for being the only natural birth that day at the hospital. I’m hoping I go that route in 6 months time. Your son is so adorable and so is Piglet. Can you give a list of the items you had in your hospital bag and your newborn must-haves, plz. Thnx

  • http://noblog.com Lorena

    congratulations on the new baby. I didn’t have any of my 3 children naturally. not by choice though. between my high blood pressure, dislocated pelvis and small vaginal walls (tmi i know), i could not have a baby vaginally. i got a lot of heat for it too. a lot of times people think that you’re less of a mother if you have a c-section or drug induced labors. having a natural birth is great but i am also glad that there are options for those of us that can’t. it doesn’t matter how you have a baby. as long as it and mom are healthy. pls keep that in mind as you do come off as bragging a bit. but i understand. ur a proud mom and this is ur blog.